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Academic Leadership

The LCIPS is one of Sri Lanka's leading Tertiary Educational Institutions, recognised as a Centre of Excellence.

The Ladies' College Institute of Professional Studies (LCIPS) was established in 1981,and is a pioneer Institution to offer vocational training in Sri Lanka. The LCIPS has been associated with teacher training since its inception. Among the first courses offered was a Diploma in Pre-school Teacher Training which is now a sought after qualification for employment both in Sri Lanka and abroad.

The Diploma in Specific Learning Disabilities commenced in 2004 and the Diploma in Special Needs Education in 2007. These courses were an attempt to fill a long felt void in Teacher Education in the English Medium. The Programmes recognize professional teachers as life long learners who need to make a conscious effort to remain professionally fresh and vibrant. Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is essential in today's diverse classrooms where the teacher is called upon to play many roles and deal with different types of learners and multiple intelligences.

Ladies' College Institute of Professional Studies is committed to incorporating new learning opportunities in its repertoire of traditional learning. With a strong commitment to education and visionary staff, LCIPS continues to be a leader in Teacher Training and is dedicated to helping students meet the demands of an ever-changing world. It continues to adapt to serve an evolving student population driven by different educational needs and is now ready to reach out further and offer courses online.